growth */*/*/

growth */*/*/
UK [ɡrəʊθ] / US [ɡroʊθ] noun
Word forms "growth":
singular growth plural growths
1) [singular/uncountable] an increase in the number, size, or importance of something
growth in:

a substantial growth in the number of available jobs

growth of:

the international growth of capitalism

period of growth:

We are entering a period of rapid population growth.

rate of growth:

The annual rate of growth was 12 per cent.

a) [singular/uncountable] economics an increase in the success of a business or a country's economy, or in the amount of money invested in them

a market which has shown real growth

The engineering sector achieved significant growth last year.

economic/industrial growth:

measures designed to stimulate economic growth

b) [only before noun] used for describing industries, activities etc that are growing quickly

Computing remains a growth area.

3) [singular/uncountable] an increase in the size, number, or development of a living thing
a) used about children and animals
stunt (someone's) growth (= stop it from happening correctly):

Doctors fear that these medicines may stunt your growth.

b) used about plants and trees

More air means better root growth.

c) used about a part of your body, especially your hair or nails

There is no evidence that the drug increases hair growth.

d) used about bacteria, cells, or crystals

Some hormones inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Verbs frequently used with growth as the object ▪  encourage, foster, increase, inhibit, promote, stimulate, stunt
4) [uncountable] something that grows or has recently grown, for example on a plant
growth of:

He had several weeks' growth of beard.

new growth:

New growth will develop during spring.

5) [countable] a lump that grows inside or on a person, animal, or plant, caused by cells that have grown in a way that is not normal

a cancerous growth

6) [uncountable] someone's emotional and spiritual development
personal growth:

ways to encourage our personal and spiritual growth

English dictionary. 2014.

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